Is It Possible To Update Web Pages Using Photoshop?

This morning I got offered an interview having a company for whom We would be required to create catalogues, branding plus general graphic style solutions.

Over the discussion, the employer asked plainly had any experience of updating websites. At present My organization is in the original stages of learning Dreamweaver so when I told your ex this, he said he thought that upgrading websites through Photoshop was an even more common method, as opposed to using DW.

I was wanting to know if anyone would be able to tell me more about it PS method I have never heard of it, although I have got to stress that at this time I am a complete beginner in terms of aspects of web site design.

Apologies plainly am missing some thing obvious or this topic has become covered before

What would you mean by " update"
There are many ways to change content, upload documents, over-write images, banners, and many others.

Photoshop is needed to create in addition to update the artwork for websites, including the overall feel and look (PSD templates).

Fireworks can be used to create and bring up to date HTML web templates very efficiently in addition to effectively from Illustrator files. It works adequately with Photoshop.

Dreamweaver is needed to manage man or women pages in websites and create and update their content.

miseim – From what I’m sure so far, ‘updating’ might involve editing word, replacing old magazine photographs with fresh and perhaps manipulating banners.

smoseley – Through what you’ve said should i assume that We would either use PS along with Fireworks together, or alternatively just DW on it’s own

From what tiny experience in web development i’ve had a long way i’ve been ended in believe that Dreamweaver is a most common way of creating, editing and uploading a web site.

Perhaps it’s not the case

Thanks for many help so considerably!

Dreamweaver (DW) may be the most common method to do pages continually don’t
commonly do coding or even programming. You’ll find using DW involves changes
to be made on your hard drive, and then you upload the pages with the built-in FTP that
DW presents.

In order every single child have your " clients" generate changes themselves, on the internet, you need
to work with some server-side scripting (programming), including PHP and MySQL.
Commonly called CMS (content software systems), that becomes an entirely different
knack of doing your websites. PHP can solely be run using a server, not with your normal PC.
That means you might develop code using the text editor inside DW, but you will have to
upload the changes to determine how the script performs.

You obviously should also know PHP (and more than likely MySQL databases).

Thus, you’re on track to find out HTML and CSS applying Dreamweaver, but attempt to think ahead
related to future website needs.

Well, you can update your websites by using Photoshop in a sense that one could redesign or could make some changes from the design of websites, and after completing the design of the internet pages, just implement most of these design….

Very little.

Photoshop adequately (and very badly via image slicing)

Fireworks adequately, AND from people graphics via graphic / layer lowering and HTML format generation.

Dreamweaver ersus, which are any compilation of already-sliced images and many, many HTML themes and pages, along with possibly includes and also server-side scripting / selection.

The important is to comprehend the 3 stages of website design.

  1. The 1st is graphic strategy. This is the image representing what your internet site will look for instance. Most designers would likely use Photoshop just for this, though Fireworks is efficient at it as effectively.
  2. The second cycle is slicing that will image into smaller sized images for use in your website, along with creating the HTML DOCUMENT and CSS " template" that reassembles those images proper web-ready layout. Illustrator does this badly. If you’re planning to use a tool for this, use Fireworks. Otherwise, learn to practice it manually.
  3. The third stage is taking which web-ready template/layout as well as doing something about it – creating numerous iterations of the idea with different subject matter and creating selections that interlink concerning pages, or integrating it proper programmed back-end solution being a content management system. Dreamweaver does this.


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