is there a program that can make a web template automatically?

I know we have a photoshop plugin labeled sitegrinder but is definitely is hard and it works badly.
photoshop slices do only a part of the work as well as i cant create there kind of list of content articles or variable length cells.

don’t you anyone know a software that may do the work

i think you will need too long in fact it is too hard to produce a web design for any webpage.
just how long it takes you make a template for the webpage

i could do table much less, but tables to me are also ok

to convert your psd to good quality web template such as for joomla or any cms, it will take 2 days.
what i try to find is generate the process fast
does it requires you also 2 days

with thanks,

I agree with this…. It takes ages to create although the idea is likely to be there. Templates could possibly be available but like a newbie to web site design, I guess I’m not the perfect person to remark upon this! All the best to you…. Merely come across anything, I will surely post it again

Are you implementing CS4 CS4 Photoshop is known for a facility to piece images and convert it right into a web page.

I really hope this helps.

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