Is there a way to make this design into a fluid layout?

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There’s an online design I’m implementing, it’s just this bare bones currently. At the instant, the width belonging to the content area is over 1000px (I know it’s actually a bit too big) and rather than scale it down too much, I’d prefer to produce a fluid system (e. g. thickness: 80%; ), but I’m simply just wondering if there’s any way of doing that

Currently, it’s a horizontal image that is certainly repeated vertically, having a seperate image for the top and bottom from the white section.

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You have to have a fluid column on your own design. For example your content you intend to be fluid. You have to add from css to get background 3 photos: left and suitable fixed, and the fluid image.

You have to set for div subject material width in percent and then for right column (for example) resolve width – around pixels.

Thats some sort of basic explanation.

You have to work if you prefer a fluid layout – isnt exist a softare which transform automatically a permanent layout to h2o.

It’s much less difficult to deal w/ the fixed layout yet it’s mainly your code and graphics you have to chop up. So you’d possess the left and right along with the center area could expand. Do research online and you’ll discover many tutorials w/ that layout it will likely be really easy.

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