Is Ultra Button by Antssoft compatable with Headway theme for WordPress?

Require Antssoft, right MY PARTNER AND I did–twice–but they didn’t respond!
WE downloaded the Mega Button free demo and was really pleased. I especially like the truth that I can orient that navigation buttons vertically. But I need to know: Is Ultra Button suitable for WordPress and along with premium WordPress themes including Headway (which doesn’t offer the opportunity of vertical orientation)
This is my first attempt to build a web site and my design is usually a little unconventional, so I had been happy to find out all this software package that makes personalization easy. I’m information on the buttons, and prepared to purchase the WordPress/Headway/Ultra Control key combination if it is going to work.

They really are buttons. Can’t discover why they wouldn’t always be compatible.

It seems in my experience that in case you are set on vertical orientation, and headway doesn’t enable that, you possess a problem. Perhaps you need another theme. Headway’s really expensive, and if them won’t do what you want it to, it sounds like it won’t answer your business needs.

Ultra Button is form of redundant – you possibly can make the state changes in CSS effortlessly. It does instantly add and arrangement your text for you personally, but that’s very easy to do inside the code – as well as as I carry out in Photoshop. If you would like the button photos, there are many free ones available, or you can join something such as 123rf. com and download them with regard to far less.

I love Ultra Press button (despite their unhealthy customer service). And I don’t want to learn code. So what I would like, I guess, is really a different premium theme—one so that me to place the navigation switches vertically. Do you are aware of of any which have the versitility of Headway.

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