Javascript menu links not being crawled

Javascript selection links certainly not being crawled

Hey, Relating to this website and it uses Javascript dropdown menu’s.The issue is each time a robot pertains to the web site from any search engine optimization it doesn’t seem in order to crawl that pages inside dropdown food selection only that link " #".How does someone fix this particular Any tips Thanks.

Don’t use javascript inbound links.(Search applications don’t get javascript links).

If you need to use these people, put any links you need crawled with plain wording links elsewhere inside the page.And also, make any text-link site map and link to that on every internet page.

Thanks to the quick reply and support!

Use bare where it is possible to for nav back links, or receive the links into our bodies text using links also and a sitemap may also be helpful.

have one of the best of the two worlds, after that use javascript and also text url.

Just copy those site links plus put all of them in natural mode throughout footer portion of your internet site.

It will probably be useful for your visitors as well as search machines.

you may also create some sort of sitemap and submit the item to google in order that they are sensitive to all these kind of " hidden" webpages.

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