JavaScript, noscript & SEO

JavaScript, noscript & SEO

we made use of massive number of JavaScript & AJAX for the website which usually we give data by means of JSON in order to JavaScript and yes it creates CODE page about user browser.

We have got created an alternate Fully CODE pages together with most SEO methods, which redirects not for or disabled JavaScript browsers by adhering to HTML tags in order to these CODE pages

< noscript>
< meta http-equiv=" refresh" content=" 0; url=URL address/html=y" >
< /noscript>

this succeeds great for previously discussed browsers although i would like to know that, should it perform same pertaining to crawlers, spiders,….
does the item redirect these people to our HTML pages

if not is there a solution or exist any better solution


Google suggest that him and i use textual content browser such as:Lynx; to see our site precisely as it show the website in many ways that google see it.I think you have available this browser to check your web site.

Without seeing your web blog, I would likely just add one or more link for your HTML version belonging to the site in addition to let the particular spiders come across it.

I do not think they will certainly follow this meta label, and you really don’t want to do redirects prefer that because it is not clear about to catch doing it for fake reasons.

I imagine what you’ve got is alright, but utilizing some PHP for you to detect your non-Javascript user might be better since you will have no reroute code inside page that can be seen.

So, I’d have links as part of your page this robots might follow for a HTML version on the site, they are able to index your primary site should they can, and see if you find a means to direct the non-javascript clients.

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