Joomla, Internet Explorer, Pictures, Buttons, and Confusion

Yohai! I’m new the following and my BROTHER includes a QUESTION!

" So Needed my Top Menu buttons to own separate images inside each button, and I found a solution to do this, however Internet Explorer 8-10 didn’t display this images. Is there how to do this that in concert with IE (Joomla ONE. 5)"

Do You recognize the ANSWER!

Thanks ahead ya’ll.

On earth do you be more specific in your question, and post a check out the site so we could see the value. That will assist with answers.

The following is the website!

http: //ntgr8. net/joomla2/

Me and my personal brother and sister are working to turn it in to something interesting. At this time we’re floundering our way with the individual pages.

More information from the brother: I tried to correct it using other code for the leftmost buttons. But it surely did not really figure out.

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