JPEG files corrupted by Adobe v6.0

WHEN I scanned approx, 2000 35 mm slides with a Vupoint slide scanning device.
I used identical settings for each and every slide

WHEN I edited every. Jpeg utilizing Adobe Photoshop v6. 0:
Photograph, Apply Image, select a percent to further improve picture
Clone stamp – used it to scrub up dust flecks etc.
Help you save file as JPEG.

I will view the thumbnails for every picture via glass windows explorer.
I will open every image in Adobe.

Picture Frame – I tried in order to display the pictures from a digital picture style.
Some photos display accordingly but others pictures only show " Structure unsupported".

DVD – WE created a DVD to experiment with in a DVD player that could show jpegs as a slideshow. Some pics display properly however others pictures merely show " Structure unsupported".

I opened one of many " bad" files in Illustrator and saved it as being a Jpeg but that has a different filename. This still won’t display properly.

I opened one of many bad files around Photoshop and saved it for a PNG file but with a different filename. In that case I opened the actual. PNG file and also saved it as being a JPEG again. This still won’t display properly.

How one can fix the dangerous JPEGs.

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