LAYOUT DESIGN and colors are my weakest links

Can someone recommend me some good sites who have examples of different web page design layouts and using color schemes

We’ve been to glass display cases of actual web pages, but those sites never find a way to inspire me to try and do my own point. I can’t put the pieces to your puzzle.

There is a book called Array Index but I’m not likely interested in buying any books right this moment unfortunately.

Bless you! Hopefully this can make my work extra streamlined. I also think that my limited variety of fonts makes my sites appearance very plain, but it’s not as important while good page design.

" Good" is pretty subjective but I’ll begin the ball running and mention some our sites.
http: //www. chateaudeplehaut. co. uk/ uses a technique that I’ve learned to use – use different transparancies with the same colour (an early website Used to do used two numerous shades of sharp blue (on the home screen) – next time i viewed it at another screen one particular shade looked sea green additional looked violet along with the result was terrible; since then I’ve been wary of employing different colours. ) Note how the lighter shades of colour are utilized to highlight each area of text; each paragraph of text was made to work with the picture to the left and the little pictures on the correct draw the reader further in the website. It probably are not a " wow have a look at me" design but it surely sells the chateau, that is certainly the purpose.
http: //www. suffolk12step. co. uk/ and http: //www. jwccarpentry. co. uk/ are both variations with a similar design – work with a strong 15-20 pixel two bottle or single border surrounding the masthead and continue this double as well as single border to be a margin elsewhere inside the site.
Other different internet websites that I’ve find (some by members of the forum) include
http: //www. tnnt. com. au/
http: //belvedereinc. net/
http: //www. philkelsall. co. uk/profile. html
http: //www. stewarthoffman. com/socool/index. php
http: //www. nccpg. com/
Our personal website http: //www. uniquewebsites. co. uk/ gives some sample designs decrease the left side column.
Hope this helps – I know other people has their own suggestions.

Thanks! I also learn the book Array Index at County and felt that it was too restricted.

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