Excuse me if this was in the wrong sections, just had a timely question.

I’m starting to create websites for individuals besides myself plus family. When I transfer an internet site . I designed with a clients hosting akun, does it turn into their legal responsibility and property Or maybe how would I start transferring the style from my suitable possession to theirs

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" Of which depends. " Regrettably, there’s no straight response to this question.

When it comes to the province regarding Ontario, ownership of the intellectual property is granted to the commissioner of the work as soon as it’s commissioned, really can paid for or even not. For case, if I develop a website for ones boat shop and your boat shop isn’t going to pay me, it can be still yours. It is a stupid law (one of many) given it doesn’t protect the worker, but its the law.

Some other jurisdictions do change, and what I might suggest is to find a designer/developer in your province/state/county/region/country/’whatever and consult the question advisors.

In north america it all varies according to your contract and how its worded…

Quarry basically says, the IP and copyright rights owned by me until taken care of in full at which time the ownership reverts towards the payee…

Around you case, I might stipulate not in order to transfer to masters site until taken care of in full.

If I’m carrying out a turn-key site… I put many of the files on an encrypted memory keep to… If they shell out on delivery, WE provide them the particular password… If hi-def, I remind them on the contract, and after their check clears WHEN I provide then the actual password.

Again, it’s all spelled out there in my commitment… Discussed and agreed upon before any operate starts. Sometimes they forget…

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