Legality of saving a social security number or transferring it unencrypted

SOME SORT OF client has requested a form that, among other sensitive fields, is known for a social security quantity. Obviously, security is important. Unfortunately, they want the effects of the submission e-mailed to them,

Can it be legal to monitor the SSN inside plain text, and also unencrypted in every way

To the sake of this thread, ignore the exact security problems by doing this. It’s obvious it’s actually a bad idea to be able to transmit it inside plain text or maybe save it to somewhat of a database (which need to be private) in basic text. I’m considering the legality of it.

This is a nasty one, because I don’t believe email can ever previously be secure.
As far as the website along with database, that might be encrypted and secure
(HTTPS/SSL and also whatever it’s called).

Therefore, the discussion these would only be to the email.

You might do this pertaining to emails…

Plastic card:
For the account ending with:
XXXX : XXXX – XXXX – 4563

For that account, ending in:
XXX : XX – 4475

But aside from protecting the info, what’s the legality with saving or sending it

Why would SSN often be any different than credit cards number or whatever else

Banks exercise.
Insurance agencies do it.

I would really try determine if there was reasons to NOT try a SSN.
Try to eliminate the requirement to transmit it in the first place.

Here’s some data that like the rest online, who’s to convey it’s legit
http: //famguardian. org/Subjects/Taxes/ChallJurisdiction/YourRightsAndSSNs. htm.

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