Lightbox "Operation Aborted" Problem

We have started using Lightbox on some of my sites to present an image slideshow outcome.
About my home internet site http: //www. uniquewebsites. company. uk/web-design-portfolio/web-design-portfolio. htm I am always able to watch this page SO.
Over a site that My business is just completing to get a customer – http: //www. eticaprojects. company. uk/uk-promotions/suffolk-gift-service. htm POST sometimes get a " Operation Aborted" error message on the first time I try to watch this page applying IE6 on our laptop (it’s OKAY on firefox, ie7, safari, chrome, opera and various computers I include that use ie6; it’s OK to the customer’s ie6 computer).
Has anyone else experienced this concern and does anyone determine what the cause can be and – more importantly – what your fix is
Is it due to any security setting on my desktop computer (it doesn’t including me running scripts while i view in-progress sites on my browser) Even so, as I can’t control what surroundings others have at their computers, will there be any way about it

I believe – hope – Relating to now solved this matter. For anyone serious, it seems you will find there’s bug in ie6 that gives an " functioning aborted" error message whenever a script such seeing that lightbox tries to load ahead of the page itself has loaded. The solution is to call the script from your footer rather compared to header.

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