Lightbox Problem

We’ve started using Lightbox with some sites to provide a slieshow effect but experienced problems.
Only put the computer code calling the lightbox script along at the top of your page I at times in IE6 obtain an " functioning aborted" error concept, the computer shows a loud clang and also the page bombs available. This is certainly unacceptable!!: disappointed:: disappointed:
To mend this, I moved the code towards bottom of the page much like http: //www. uniquewebsites. company. uk/web-design-portfolio/web-design-portfolio. htm
This specific avoids the " functioning aborted" error but – in the event you try to visit an image before the page is thoroughly loaded in ie6, then the lightbox fails and you just obtain blank screen when using the image in the top end left corner.
This provides multiple advances over the " functioning aborted" error concept but it’s nevertheless not great.
Has anyone else encoutered this concern, and – if so – how managed you fix it
Is there almost any better software to choose from for slideshow effects which is free and user-friendly and uncomplicated

That’s your strange error… I’ve never encountered that in every the years Lightbox is available. That currently being said, look into jQuery and also the subsequent plug-in.

http: //leandrovieira. com/projects/jquery/lightbox/

This is brand new that i’m getting into know about this sort of error.

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