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Definitely guys, I have got a simple question nowadays.
Well it seems simple but I difficult to find an solution correctly heh. Well here it really is:
We have my page developed where there will be recent news postings and the user can click the check out view the full story we have set up on a news site, on that news page We have collapsible panels developed which have the total story of the particular news inside it. i am wondering how i will, if possible, to link in the page with the snippets to the full story considering the corresponding collabsible panel open when the user comes to the page, i have a large amount this is related to bookmarks of many sort but i cant find a way to find anything that will,
here is what i am talking about, if that description had not been clear to a person:
world wide web. undisputedforceclan. com
I am using dreamweaver cs4 we am relativly fresh at so offer me a break whenever a something completely blatant
thanks earlier,

Unfortunately, it isn’t an easy deal with. You’ll have to be able to send a parameter to the page via querystring, like this:

http: //www. undisputedforceclan. com/news. htmlstory=story1

Then you’ll have to add a certain amount of javascript to parse your querystring parameter and have the value from the story variable (" story1" ). Then, use a case statement to figure out which story to open and hardcode a great open call compared to that panel using that CollapsiblePanels API.

Because I said, not just a simple solution for starters.

alrighty thanks intended for th response sad take abetter examine i now which i know wht i actually need to do, thanks

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