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Hello there, King of just about all noobs here. Im just starting to educate yourself a couple elements. Im really desperate to learn how does someone make a sitebuilder I cant put your hands on the idea, I cant find out what is the best way to begin with! The concept of it truly is frustrating for us. Im wanting to create a stripped along sitecube or homestead form of thing. Open source Dreamweaver Regards

You want to actually create your service where folks make sites

whoa… that’s a big project for the noob.

I guess you’d use Drupal or Joomla for any CMS parts, though the actual
element about building internet websites…

Thank everyone for responding! Its silly to consentrate of that as a first project nonetheless I dont possess a choice. Ive blown through thousands on folks that say they are able to do it but cant. Im when they get home of the rope and get to make the item happen somehow. Someone was mandated to build sitecube, someone was mandated to build homestead. Who ever it absolutely was, thats what they do and they created it. Suddenly when Im searching for someone who can tackle work like this everyone in the world becomes full of developers that say they might do a excellent job but can certainly barely customize a new header. What Im in search of is to not create a service but factored in a musicians membership permitting the user to create and host their particular sites from templates ect. The common but very things to consider. Any thoughts you could have Im all ears and thank you!
PS the bottom line is I cant find anyone nobody can do it!

There are a lot of PHP pieces of software that does a person’s worst (setting up your own host)
And you gonna need money to obtain them, money to acquire a server, to acquire a sysAdmin. to.. to help.. to… can u handle the fee

I think the main element point to this specific project is " is there a musician’s own website"

Contemplating giving them one particular simple page that they can customize
Or will you be planning on giving them an entirely website with several pages, forms,
uploads, downloads, and many others.

Other aspect is, the number of musicians

Seldimi is right around the server thing… quotes for quality products on actually hosting websites.
But for anyone who is more into only a membership thing using a page that each and every musician
might customize (one, possibly 2 pages), that could be done within your blog post.

Sizing, amount of websites, and features required for that musician’s page(s) would
be the determining factor with your project.


I’ll direct one to an example where " members" might upload and command their
personal galleries, and an administrative person has control over each. Each member
has their login, and every time they view their unique gallery, they contain the
capability to edit issues. They don’t modify a " website", for instance HTML and CSS… they
just edit the subject matter.

http: //www. mnsculptors. com


In the event that’s what you suggest, let us recognize.

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