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New for the forums, hello just about all! I’m just wanting to make a website where an admin can sign in from somewhere one specific and type plus it will display that updated every number of seconds. I also are interested to have discussion boards, and a put where it exhibits older days text messaging. How would I do doing this Thanks before hand.

Would you mean it changes " as they type", or updates when they click " Submit Reply", like that forum
You will find free forum devices, like phpBB, as well as Simple Machines.

That updates " when they type", yes.

Like as I got typing this reply you could potentially see me typing directly into it word every word.

Why would someone want to do that What would likely your purpose always be

I’m unsure, just to exercise I suppose. It wasn’t done that I’m aware about.

I would think getting done with the active-x plug-in as well as. exe download.
You would have a difficult time convincing someone to install it though.

Along with normal HTML, the viewer might need to be on a new continuously updating article.
That might be really annoying to watch after.

Okay, then how would I merely go about setting up a forum in the meantime like this, where the man could update the entries every single day and there would have been a light somewhere that showed when the user was online one specific.

With areas when people could talking like we are doing on here below different entries.

Modify: Something that shows the number of active viewers there have been would be cool too.

Mid-section a chat box
Like that: http: //xat. com/web_gear/chat. php

I’m sure I’m just visiting try to match a forum similar to this for now where by people can sign on and post around the persons posts along with everything. Obviously want there being an ability for you to assign administrator to help certain levels, and many others. Is there a selected tutorial you’d recommend to indicate me how to achieve this, and maybe a number of recommended hosts Bless you


Making your own forum will probably be a huge task.
I don’t even know how to start… Google: php discussion board script

See if you have some " base" script that one could build from.
You then have a whole major package of security issues, MySQL, admin, moderation, etc.

Best of luck… I certainly would certainly never attempt this.

Thank a person, I’ll need it I’m sure.

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