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Hi Guys,

I have exclusively recently built this site included in my coursework although getting really trapped in. I make sure to add something new every week just to ensure it is that extra tad appealing. This may be a personal site (www. jamiebassett. com) so I would prefer some feedback on it probably.

The main issue for this post will be loading times. It’s all exceeded the validator so it may not be that slowing my family down but I’m sure it’s frustrating that normally it takes a good several seconds to render each page.

Grateful for your feedback.

Gives thanks.

the web site has an elastic layout, so increase a min-width to help it. Example

add it into the body tag or your content school.

Your nav inbound links (fonts) are also big and need some other rollover background. The links likewise get loss when the browser is resized to smartphone size. just remember, I have no idea what’s the name or your site. that has being clear.

I do think your issues connected with load times are without using your control. Meaning your internet site is on several crappy overloaded nodes. 98, 000 + websites.

When just trying to think about the source code, it was strike or miss, I became getting connection errors… So not only is the server overloaded, it’s probably throttled to keep multiple connections from ever happening ( a lot of browsers make multiple request that will speed up the process ), if they’re just throttling or that server is mis set up… This is visiting happen.

Hope you are not paying much, I remember this kind of host from quite a long time ago, and people complaining back then about them… Yeah these were really cheap in those days, but in hosting you get what you purchase.

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