Longtail keyword on domain keywords

Longtail keyword and key phrase on space keywords

Hi Everyone

I seemed to be just wanting to know if anybody has any kind of experience regarding longtail key terms on domains which are keyword domains and domains that are fitted with the keyword and key phrase domains around them nevertheless with extra characters in them and the way the longtail differs

Say im wanting to rank with regard to cheapcomputerspeakers

As long for the reason that onpage SEO is done correctly, do you think the longtail are the same, or very on the same if you have

cheapcomputerspeakers compared to cheapcomputerspeakersuk

Basically, would the added figures whatever these are make a new differencce to the amount of longtail i’d get

For your google keyword and key phrase tool, the correct match is in fact very reduced for a lot of keywords so somehow looking to have the exact domain name is 1 factor but so long as the onpage SEO is finished correctly, the page views should always be about the same

Hope in which makes sense

Many Thanks

Longtail search phrases in domain will assist.But it will just assist not do the work itself.

EX:You’ll be able to rank nicely with cheapcomputerspeakers.tld

But another person can likewise rank effectively for very same keywords with anybrandname.tld

i don’t even think that stuffing keywords suitable domain will assist all a whole lot of after a clear point.as part of your example, i might prefer cheapcomputerspeakers or better yet, cheapcomputerspeakers.corp.uk.

I think it would be better than something with which has nothing related to your subject matter.But this is everything engines like google try in order to eliminate.And so, it may are very effective for anyone now but serps can get far better and improved at distuingishing

I’ve seen examples of people ranking really well the place that the extra personas didn’t topic.But would they have done far better with a detailed match Plus by the amount of Who appreciates…

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