Looking for a Free, Solid, Video Player for Site

As the title suggests I’m interested in a free training video player for my own website and appeared to be hoping somebody might be capable of recommend. I would as being a lightweight player that is easily integrated in to a webpage, the container most effective for you placed in is 560px by 560px. Coding isn’t our strong suit thus I would just like to find a fix that has an easy install/setup.

It will be familiar with play a small number of videos that are just one or two minutes in period, so something substantial isn’t really necessary. I need to uncover a player who has minimal branding (overlays, trademarks, etc. ). Love it if more appreciate any assist you guys can dispose of my way, thanks.

What type of videos (the record type)

Sorry needs included that,. mp4.

Illustration of Embedded MP4 File

all browsers have players(system default), you should just supply the record.

What about html5 similar value players Seeing as how Apple hates Flash now and the majority mobile devices do not have full Flash support either (though I’m not sure of their html5 support given that I think regarding it)

Beware of any good video players which could push html5 pertaining to non Flash surroundings

< video> is dropped by chrome

YOUR shame eh

Apply JWplayer. It’s great and supports m34.

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