Looking for a professional icon library vendor

Howdy All,

I am looking for an experienced icon library for just a financial software merchandise.

Please advise me throughout finding right vendor.

many thanks,
RamaRao R

If I’m sure your post accurately, you are searching for a website that provides to sell star sets.

If that is the case, before going searching for icon sets that cost money, have a look at Vecteezy. It is a site that possesses free vector shots, and there are a few icon units on there, so you obtain lucky and find something you wish (and save money).


Thanks on your attention and the thoughts/suggestions.

I visited the website for you to have given and it also has some beneficial collections. But, I want more around 300 icons from a same theme to replace my active icons. And I’ll need source documents to update/customize all of them. So, I am trying to find a BIG selections with good value.

Please well then , i’ll your thoughts.

many thanks,
RamaRao R.

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