Looking for examples of one-page web sites w/ a tracker or counter

Concerning a random require. I’m looking for one among a good one-page web site that features a counter or a tracker.

So basically an online site that is very simple and is probably tracking/counting something. I work for a non-profit around Chicago, and we’re wanting to get a web site up that simply tracks how many people who donate to a cause/campaign and what amount has been lifted. There would be a bit of info about your campaign and whatnot, but I’m sure keeping it to one page would always be ideal.

But I’m seeking good examples of the. I know I’ve seen some types of like a " countdown" timer as well as something… but I’m curious about if there’s plus the a simple counter/tracker blog.

And I’d not be designing or coding something.

I merely have to uncover some examples that will send to your could-be designer. So any pretty talk might look at my head. I’m just seeking examples.

A site counter… when a internet page is viewed or even refreshed is a piece of cake.

But you should count donations and account for donation amounts.
That’s totally different from a " web site or page counter".

In this case, you’ll have to either use a person enter that daily (manually),
or start using a database of a few kind that keeps track of the information…

How is the donations made (PayPal, or other sorts of CC merchant)
Is the donations online, as well as do people deliver a check that will someone
Knowing how an donations are manufactured will answer your question of " the right way to do it".


All over again, I’m not related to how to move this off. That’s the designer/programmer’s position. I’m just seeking EXAMPLES to deliver to said designer/programmer.

You probably will not find those examples for some reasons:

1) This will depend on how this donations were been given (online, mail order/telephone order, donation box, door-to-door, fundraising, and many others. )

2) This will depend on what language(s) this server hosting your page supports.

3) Regarding online donations, may well depend on exactly who the payment pick is, since running code varies by processors.

That’s what mlseim was endeavoring to tell you… the factors involved will likely make what contemplating next to impossible to discover. Whoever your programmer is need to be telling you individuals what (s)he can easily build, not other way around. A good programmer calls for a conceptual trouble and builds simple solution for it (most of times… some problems will be just too weird).

To expand on this more, I can give you certainly one of how to place a donation button with a website.

https: //www. paypal. com/us/cgi-bin/cmd=_donate-intro-outside

That looks like it would remedy your problem, however it can’t and will not. PayPal would track things internally, however it wouldn’t show the results externally, nor will be user automatically guided to the website to accomplish the donation process. This means that should the user doesn’t return to your site, as well as can’t log this donation, which usually means your total is definitely understated. You’d either require a manual entry or other sorts of way to deal with this situation, and that’s where you’re likely to have to rely on somebody who has the experience and knows what they’re doing to aid you.

I know an individual didn’t want many technical explanation, nevertheless unfortunately it’s necessary for clarity.

If you need to keep it very simple, and not even must pay anyone, just create a cause upon facebook, hell, everyones at facebook nowadays

Here’s an idea:

Here’s some more examples:
http: //code. yahoo. com/apis/chart/

Here’s more examples:
http: //www. yahoo. com/imageshl=en&… y increased graph& btnG=Search& aq=f& aqi=& aql=& oq=


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