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Im interested in creating our own social bookmarking site. Can anyone recommend an organization or tech company that does this

Designer and programmer teams do it for massive prices. It really varies according to what features you desire. If you only want something uncomplicated, and if you’re a designer/programmer on your own, you could also choose a try.

that sort of project would cost huge amounts, im reckon it might probably take me a good 60-80 hours to code something similar to myspace up, so your looking at about $2400+ from any reoutable company, I couldnt take action because i simply design and program to be a hobby due to be able to my age.

Does one consider outsourcing the particular project

If you are then try individuals out, send full details and I’ll get back to you with some sort of quote.: ichathappy:

There are a lot of SN vendor firms who sell SN software: ready-made scripts. Several have all features that may be useful for yourself network. Also, some provide support so that you do not have troubles by using technical issues. Check PG Social bookmarking software, it looks good in my opinion.

I’d personally suggest using ning. You are able to create your own niche social network for free. You pay more allow it to be white-label and take out their ads.

http: //ning. com

realize vindexus ning is actually awesome.

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