Major Rookie Needs Some Help.

definitely guys
acceptable, so i’m creating a website, and i only have PROOOOO CSS ABILITIES & pro image making skills for any design of the actual website
but i have no clue how to allow it to become.
in particular, all i have is a image. i don’t know how to divide it in to images so i’ll put it inside a folder, i don’t know how to like, EVERYTHING, fundamentally.
i think i’d have the ability to figure out everything on my own if i know some thing:
you understand the website, how you should seperate all the actual images & value the images within well, before the images are set up, the layout is usually all just destroyed image links with the boxes with this littler boxes + reddish x in these folks. how do i arrive at arrange the would-be pictures
any one catch my drift D:
remorseful, really noob.

This shall be tough to convey over a forum like this, but you need
to make use of HTML (XHTML) and CSS to provide the browser the actual code it needs
to render your web page.

Usually, a person doesn’t really create a whole web page for image that
is actually broken apart. You create layouts in separate parts which has a background that
is each one solid color, or a smaller image which is repeated across in addition to down.

You should have a top (or banner) image, some images in the center, and perhaps a
footer graphic. Each button (if you use images) will possibly be separate from each other
and that can be done mouse-overs (change photographs when moused over). Several people
avoid graphics for control keys… simply use text in addition to a " button" or maybe " tab".

Google will be the best place to get started on…
search for " HTML tutorial" or maybe " web web site tutorial".

Also, let us see your image and we can give you a simple model.

nvmnvm, post figured it out
many thanks tho

It isn’t gonna help you on search engines like yahoo to create an entirely image based site.

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