Making a web site for the first time. I do not know where to start.

Hi, I am brand new to designing web sites. I have dreamweaver and prefer to make a web page with funny videos, pictures, flash video games, and more. I are not aware of where to get going though. I have pretty limited knowledge on making websites and want to learn if you can ,. I can help to make basic pages having links but My business is not sure how you can add videos a great flash games. Do Need to email the author of the video or expensive game for permission helping put on my site, or can I put it on Just how do i know whether or to never ask permission Possibly there is any other ideas or tips that will someone who is only starting should know Thank you

This is one where you must find someone that could meet with everyone in person
and teach you how things will be done. Sort of tough to explain on the forum like the following.

A website is not merely some HTML with a few links. It’s lots of files with server-side
scripting engaged to render websites, do searches, and also handle the maintenance of
uploading files, content, and so on.

So using Dreamweaver is OK to generate how your web pages might look, but not the
rest within your site… how the item functions. You’ll be checking out a PHP/MySQL process,
like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so on. A back-end course that handles all
of the list stuff and a way to administer the content.

What you may have on your website may be a problem too. Indeed, you will be putting
copyrighted material against your site, and I don’t think it’s legal or perhaps ethical unless you
have been given permission or purchased the right make use of it. I find out everyone does
this, and you could take action and there in all probability wouldn’t be any problems, but it can be really
not something I’d personally say you should do.

In that case I ask, why
If you are making like a blog within your favorite stuff, that’s a very important factor, but there are
already ten thousand sites that are fitted with funny pictures, training videos, and flash mmorpgs.
What will your internet site have that MY SPOUSE AND I can’t get somewhere else How will you will get photos
or videos which have been only unique for your site This seems like a project with which has no
authentic purpose. You’ll learn a whole lot about websites and programming, but until you
deliver something nobody other than them has, why spend some time on this.

My advice is to make a internet site, so you can learn how to do it… but visualize something
different to complete. What are you truly good at of which other people might want to know
Are there some information to supply that can’t be found easily making use of Google

The great thing you’ll get outside of it… learning XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL


The reason I wanted in making a website such as this is for practice and only for my entertainment. I have a question nevertheless, do you should learn code for making any website What varieties of things are you limited to unless you learn code Oh yea, does it cost a lot of money to run a web site site

You can create a " static" page with HTML along with CSS.
It will just be a web site page. Text, shots, graphics.

The content plus photos won’t change unless you go in and redo the WEB CODING.
So it remains the same unless you manually edit the page(s).

You can create a page yourself, or perhaps apply Dreamweaver.

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