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Acceptable so i have learned to create my landing page on " myurl. com" and i have learned to create another page that underlines as " myurl. com/example. html" effectively my question can be, i see each one of these websites with " myurl. com/description from the product the web page is selling without any. html,. htm and also anything. how does someone create this, because every web-site i find which includes a product i prefer to sell they possess a description within the URL. so when im selling… oranges when i click on the webpage it shows such as this in the traffic, myurl. com/oranges_big_round_juicy
many thanks

This is completed using. htaccess spinner.
It is possible to Google that:. htaccess rewrite

There are many decisions to generate…

Subject to how your web site is layed-out, or what PHP scripting you’ve,
the rewrite rules is capable of doing different things considering the " /description".

It would be a variable going into a PHP script, and also an HTML site, or a list, or whatever.

We have ugh of knowing what you long for, we don’t understand what scripting you are employing, we don’t find out anything about what exactly you’re doing… i am sorry.

You have to resort for you to using Google.

" oranges_big_round_juicy" could just be the directory name with an index file from it.

This is really a site I’m working away at right now:

The game of golf – Tiger Woods Wins Beijing Available!

is the category
is the location (" Beijing, China" )
is the date the document was written (Y/M/D)
is the title of the actual article
is the ID of the article inside Database

Theoretically, I could possess structured URLs in order to be something including, but a much more meaningful URL which might be broken down straight into parts is greater for both WEB OPTIMIZATION and human usability.

For example, taking the URL above, if I head to:

The game of golf News – WHEN I get golf information in Beijing
The game of golf News – WHEN I get golf information in China
Physical activities News – WHEN I get all athletics news worldwide
Almost all News – WHEN I get all information in Miami

I do believe you get the drift.

This is certainly built with personalized PHP and htaccess development.

(EDIT: Just realized the positioning bits of the particular URLs aren’t doing the job properly… something We need to fix lol)

many thanks very much.

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