Market for a web designer?

Howdy WDF,

Lately I have began to debate the market industry for a wp website designer. I want to construct a strong, successful portfolio, how might I try doing so

ONE PARTICULAR. ) What certificates should a good web designer possess

A COUPLE OF. ) What college should a web designer go for you to (Community, University, Unique Interest)
Would a community institution, bachelors degree often be suitable

SEVERAL. ) What features do employers try to find on a " fresh" web designer (just getting on the work field)

4. ) Other than certificates, what other properties would assist the chance of landing a superb career

I apologize for all you questions, i’m beginning to actually enjoy web layout (i’m sixteen) and don’t strive to be working a dead end job for that rest of my life, hehe. Thanks all over again.


I dont have much for you in the way of school data. i learned by researching over the internet. i have been the process for a little more then a year and i will be very proficient throughout HTML, CSS, in addition to getting there along with PHP. there are plenty of online certs you can aquire but as far as freelance your work speaks what customers want to hear. as significantly as employment, well at this time there is a huge number of people likely to school for this specific very career and its being taught in high school now too. this will move down the pay out scale for makers. this is precisely why with what i’ve learned i get chosen to pursue various ways to exploit my sites rather than sell design. but this can be just my have and only worth just as much.

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