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I am considering learning some web page design. After talking into a friend a special program I’m evaluating studies, HTML, Javascript, Macromedia (or dreamweaver or maybe Front Page), Macromedia Firework MX, Macromedia FlashMX, in addition to PHP, MySQL. A friend explained these courses are good however the Macromedia suite is probably not as marketable as some other programs. Does anyone other than them have an opinion on this What programs would you learn if you were going to consider marketability in a creative profession, like employed in media/video, etc. Thanks on your help.

Macromedia won’t exist anymore. Flash and Fireworks are a compenent of the Adobe Creative Suite now.

It appears like you’re more thinking about the design stop of things. Available for you, I’d probably suggest learning web page design before getting directly into learning skills.

Which means studying how web pages work, how to style them graphically so they’re more useful, and how to create them convey this means, purpose, and nature appropriately.

From there, I’d suggest learning Photoshop and Display, as those shall be your most valuable design tools.

After you’ve tackled the STYLE aspect, look in to the SCRIPTING aspect : HTML and CSS.

Which should keep you occupied for any next year or even two. Then you can worry about encoding, if you think you’d appreciate it.

Regarding scripting programs you can create a web site with notepad in the event you really wanted in order to. I really notice no point in splashing out 300 on Dreamweaver. Benefits alternatives that work out to be a fraction of the price.

With design you require photoshop/fireworks.

You can give gimp/paint. net a whirl but Photoshop/Fireworks/Illustrator is a industry standard.

I consider Steven, get the layout side down first and figure out how to use the creative tools in order to be a wordpress website designer.

If you are looking to get directly into media, check out Flash.

Stay away from the technical gimmick-of-the few days, concentrate on non-commodity abilities — that’s marketing. Marketability especially rules out monkey-see, monkey complete.

" ONE PARTICULAR, 000, 000 lemmings can’t be wrong" makes for any bad business slogan. Only ask the purchase banking industry… should they existed anymore.

Consider the thread 5 Important Rules in Website Design… it really is specifically about marketability.

This doesn’t eliminate technology by every means, but it does preclude the single-minded desire of technology because the be-all end-all it once in a while turns out to be.

Thanks on your help. I’m wanting to study in London for approximately 6 months. If anyone knows a good school to help me with these skills I would like to know should you have a recommendation. I used to be looking at Williams College. Anyone know anything concerning this school

Yeah thanks on your discussion on world wide web designing and it truly is related courses. Now I am clear which course iI have got to take thanks pertaining to sharing..

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