Marketer needs to learn web design concepts

I am a marketer with hardly any web design awareness. I have been recently asked to lead the development of a new website, which seems that they are very complicated (a $20, 000+ project).

Does anyone know of any online course at " web design concepts for non-designers"

The topics I need to be familiar with are:
device side tech

This appears like alphabet soup if you ask me right now… can certainly anyone help me personally untangle the albhabets

You’re brave to take-on a project like this, without a lisenced users background.

Are you just leading the project to be a project manager, or are you expected
to really dive-in and complete some programming

Holy #$! You can put a staff together without very much trouble, but to learn it yourself…. you need a couple of years, seriously.

I will not have to do any of the actual programming (thank god), but I do have got to know enough about these things and therefore talk intelligently while using programmers so that they can a) hire the team and b) know once they aren’t doing their job.

It really is still a challenging task, but I hope I have no need to actually learn these things. It’s all fascinating if you ask me and I’d adore to, but I just lack the time….

So, is there anyone around who can point me to any primer for non-web graphic designers

I consider it. I were trying to do researching, but it doesn’t could be seen as there is anything " basic" concerning this stuff. Any help you can provide is MUCH appreciated.

Many thanks everyone…

Hire the scripting men (or gals) which might be programmers only.
Individually hire the graphic artists. Get individuals who are focused in their skills.

Consider using " smarty". That allows the programmers in addition to graphic artists
to operate separately, but together simultaneously, without each additional messing-up
another team’s stuff.

Listed here is a good explanation:
http: //www. smarty. net/whyuse. php

The most important person shall be the php/ mysql programmer. If you own someone fluent with php, then they probably know how to do quite a bit so far as web site constructing goes. They will know how to understand joomla, apache, login/registration products, which all pertain to php/mysql. I don’t believe there are way too many coders that recognize php but don’t know html.

A seperate graphic designer that may do layout with css would be a major plus.

SO, thank you. At least I have place to begin now. I think you’re both right i always need to retain, at minimum, a programmer fluent in php and a separate graphic custom. And thanks for any smarty lead. I’ll bring that up in the next team reaching. Great leads… Thank you.

If you’re not going to can any coding.. The trend is to just hire a reliable website design organisation to coordinate the project available for you. For $20K+ I’m sure you will discover a design company that may make your job a lot easier. If you use freelancers you’re only asking for quite a number of problems with a sizable project like this.

Just my opinion: ermm:

Rad is known for a good point….

I guess $20K is often a fairly large spending plan.
Using a genuine pro site design/developer might be a wise preference.

Gee, didn’t think about that! I consider Rad.

Outsource the project to the kind of income. Otherwise, pick up a web design for dummies e-book. That’ll get you started on what is actually what. However, there’s so many aspects to it (not to say hosting the site), that it’s just best to buy a professional team powering it.

This can be code. Your post matter line and query appears to be about design strategy and project supervision. Even if there were a magic wand you can wave to right away become a master coder, that doesn’t reply strategic questions for instance is what you’re doing gonna meet marketing goals

In addition to sorry, most marketers set off the rails to the strategic issues. Usually by obsessing more than superficial fluff which in turn takes time that will code and makes little to zero market results.

Knowing what never to code is essentially for any management role. Coding efficiently is a programmer’s job. Coding Effectively is what you will be held accountable pertaining to.

None of which includes anything whatsoever to do with that list associated with tools. It’s such as saying an architect and also construction foreman ought to know " sort. " Yes, but you’re missing the elephant in the room.

What is compelling for any user experience you might say that fulfills promoting objectives. Despite that ardent objections with designers, pretty won’t produce results. In addition to " Well, I understand what I like" is not a marketing response.

To the you’ll need the background in persuasive layout, and desirability design, certainly a accident course in information architecture and data design.

A $250 project can get away with not really knowing anything related to strategic design techniques. $5, 000 and up… not so very much. Tiny computers which play MP3 files glutted the marketplace. Apple went into that market with the knowledge of advertising and marketing through product design, and wiped out competition.

Marketing managers that tell programmers the marketplace wants an Music player simply can not fathom Apple pattern driven marketing. They hire a designer a month before launch to help pretty up the exterior of an feature bucket the actual programmers have stuffed with functions. That’s not marketing. That’s not management. That is actually business suicide.


That Inmates Are Operating the Asylum: Why High-Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and The way to Restore the Sanity YOUR book about accomplishing management objectives, not the nuts in addition to bolts of cranking released code.

Typical of tasks that run heli-copter flight rails is appear coding, that doesn’t perform what it’s likely to — all methods, no objectives.

Storyboards, Scenarios, Design Personas explains how to check out what you build as whether a user has to really accomplish something by it.

Using Wireframe Prototypes to improve Visual Flow and Web page Layout Starting code before determining what the code ought of do dooms projects. I’ve seen coder sites with precisely four pages (and won’t see a junior high page) done having mySQL and PHP. Exactly why that person shouldn’t manage — you’ll get plenty of good programmer resumes therefore to their next job as well as what they actually build might be a mess.

Why Your Site Doesn’t Need to be Pretty When you test, many in the cherished notions involving what works slide apart. Aesthetics topic. What designers consider looks pretty… not so much.

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