Masking a Redirect

Masking a Redirect


This is usually my newbie posting during this section of Namepros, so make sure you forgive us if it is a wrong location.

I have got a question concerning masking a redirect.

From an SEO view, is this a great or bad practice The definition of some pluses and minuses to hiding a URL

I perform use blogger’s tailor made domain attribute, but sometimes I need to redirect some sort of related website name to that will custom space site.

I have heard of which Google doesn’t love masking, but I have no intentions of search phrase spamming.Any keywords and phrases added within the masking could well be relevant on the site.

Any insight can be greatly apprciated!







Here’s the best read WE found for you personally:…l-redirection/

Formerly Posted by D3niss3 Here’s the best read I found for you personally:…l-redirection/ *

Thank people, D3niss3.

That assists.



Try using a CNAME when you have DNS manipulate.It’ll fix any problems! But it surely depends, I can be misunderstanding what you would like to do.


Formerly Posted by RageD Try using a CNAME when you have DNS manage.It’ll fix your entire problems! However it depends, I may perhaps be misunderstanding what you intend to do.

-RageD RageD:

Here’s one among what Relating to done pertaining to my site *Please*: is set up as being a custom site (CNAME,

online is an unmasked redirect.

online may be a masked/cloaked redirectJust questioning if in which cloaked space will washing up bowl me into Google issues.I’m not endeavoring to deceive anyone, but just when using the word " please" with various methods.My key terms are just about all relevant.

But in the event that cloaking = problem, I’ll just simply uncloak this.



Masking a new Redirect

I’m here to achieve some knowledge with this subject I have not determined much at present being revealed it so maybe it’s no longer relevant.

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