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Hi there everyone, I’m new the following and was wanting someone can point me inside right direction with regard to my situation.

I’ve been planning web pages just the summer years, just uncomplicated stuff, informational having pictures and wording. I was just hired to create a website to get a company and what they desire is way over my head. I’ve never done any kind of actual coding, I’m the WYSIWYG method of guy.

The corporation wants the pursuing:
User registration for your website,
Usernames and Passwords for documented users,
Reside chat room,
Debate forums,
Particular profile pages,
Admin control panel to get users.

Like I said this can be WAYYYY more state-of-the-art than anything I’ve done before. I’ve using Dreamweaver 6 for my layout. I have a server that may host PHP and MySQL pages.

Are there website templates I’ll buy Is at this time there free copy in addition to paste codes for a majority of these things

I really hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew for this one. Any advise could be greatly appreciated!!

With thanks everyone!


This has Drupal written across it.

But it will likely be a huge learning curve available for you.
I suggest you look into employing a freelance programmer to manage the programming,
and you look after the design and also templates. You’ll have got to hire a associate and
break the costs, or turn-down the task. This will not really be anything near to WYSIWYG.

vBulletin’s a fantastic forum package to receive.

Thanks for your advice!

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