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Good day,
We are newly back to web site building and have some input. We are studying my previous and new tools (Dreamweaver, Frontpage, HTML and PHP) but it is often a long moment and I want to acquire a site up the minute I can. It’ll be a political cleaning house and discussion site. If I ‘m lucky my hosting costs will probably be going up and We have a limited earnings so I plan to employ a small membership subscription to hide costs. I also wish to add additional services afterwards for a much larger subscription, so We need multiple user quantities. I would such as the subscription/membership to often be automated. I may see many programs that should do this at a great variation inside prices. Can anyone tell me what’s the least expensive program/script that should do these things I will use it to receive the site ready to go and later adjust it (when I internet, again) so We need a program Allow me to access and transform. I will find out any language You want for this (have researched C, C++, many basic languages, php, and assembly from the past).
Many thanks.

I’m unclear what a repairing house is, nevertheless it sounds a lot as a WordPress site in my experience.

Believe allow people to help register, but solely you (the admin) might turn-on their
registration if they pay you the actual subscription fee.

I do believe of a site like that:
http: //www. passiveaggressivenotes. com/

Issues and submissions usually are displayed, and people make a great deal of comments
about each one of these. That whole site is done using WordPress.

WordPress doesn’t need to be a blog also. And WP is free, and along with some
webhosts, they’ll even install if for you automatically (using Fantastico Deluxe).
You’ll please take to administer the site, come up using a way for people paying you,
(PayPal) and customize the WP concept using CSS templates. So there will
become a slight knowing curve. But the software is thouroughly tested…. easy, done!

Hi mlseim,
A clearinghouse, so, is a main location for contact information for distributors, text of costs, and the such as. I want in adding a discussion spot and opinion studies. The intent is always to get people more interested in government and make government aware about peoples opinions.
I have WordPress MU and have spend some money and time exploring that technique. I decided in which another approach will be better. I do not want to seem like or be like some for the sites I note that are just membership collection engines, nevertheless the structure is closer to what I’d prefer. And I are already searching with Google among others. I have located prices for scripts/programs to begin a membership-oriented web site from $0 to $5000 plus more. I have found hosts that should set it up for $50 thirty days and up. Relating to a host and have paid a calendar year. Actually I have two, but am discontinuing one. I wish to develop a patriotic site for the reason for promoting Democracy With the People, not when the people, via people influencing their representatives in an organized manner. I hate the idea lobby, but I’d like the people to lobby their reps.
Sorry Manged to get carried away. The topic does that to my opinion.
So We are looking for program site software that’s modifiable and has other features I presented. I will get it done from scratch plainly must but that should delay me by months and we all need this not really now but recently.

Well now that sounds more for a Joomla or Drupal project.

I suggest since you use that " hire some sort of programmer" area of your forum
to get someone that may help you start. If the person is a Joomla pro, they
could offer quite a few better advice (than I can) about the features you have.
I think that everything you need to do is " do-able" using Joomla.

Thank you. You really are very helpful. We were already leaning near Joomla but I was concerned with the protection problems I had discovered. I will proceed because direction. If I find I cannot handle the effort I will check into the " retain a programmer" place.

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