Mentally Stuck, ideas?

Hello there,
Concerning been working on the design in Photoshop and I am mentally stuck. I will be wondering if anybody has ideas that can help get myself moving.
Exclusively, I am unclear how to type containers for this actual content. Concerning my header in addition to main navigation done on the top.
Attached is an image of my mockup thus far. Any suggestions
Regards for your period.
Chris K.

You break each of those buttons towards separate images (. gif as well as. png).
Then you certainly create another set with all your " mouse-over" image… what will show
if your mouse is within the button.

While you get your CSS part done, the mouse-over may swap the impression.
Implementing Javascripting or natural CSS… not sure how you should do that.

In any event, your whole photoshop page should be broken down into
separate images that obtain placed (positioned) upon the page. Just about all done
as part of your XHTML/CSS coding.

Thanks a great deal for the assistance. I will try and work that away.

Chris K.

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