Minor flaw in web page

Howdy all. I’m new these and new to web page design and I want your help. Hopefully I’m posting in the right area.
So my problem is several lines barely noticeable on each site but 4 away from 6 pages have a straight bigger line. Coursesmart hasn’t been upped with it’s own domain but I’ve got it through to another sub website.
Firefox appears to be fine. I can only see these individuals in IE.
asb. bettapc. com. au
I’d adore to hear any suggestions on the could be causing the matter. Thanks!

I looked with FF and then with IE6. 0… POST don’t see almost any lines.
Describe where they are showing.

Oh ok. Thanks to take a look
POST see 2 really thin, grey, horizontal lines (maybe YOU pixel in width). They are about 2 inches long (I’m implementing 26 inch observe if that would make any difference)
The pages by which it’s most evident are, ‘applications’, ‘Faqs’, ‘picture’ in addition to ‘video’. They are located under the top banner.
You will discover smaller ones alongside the menu buttons, which are upon every page but there’re harder to see since the line is considerably shorter. I wish this helps.

you might have incorrectly declared css shorthand for that link images. why do you have < a tags stuffed because the only thing inside a < p tag for ones entire nav also you ought to be using the img alt fit the url it goes toward in each website image, this may help in SEO, because you arent using wording links.

Oh yes. That’s much superior Thanks for your help and advice Dorky!

np dude. glad i could help.

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