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Definitely all,
Facebook has another design for users visiting over a mobile device. Not long ago i checked, and my suspiscions were established: my site won’t agree with nearly all mobile web gadgets, the alignment is usually thrown out the particular window. Dimensions and regions for graphics tend to be nothing what they might be on a computer, and the site is simply not user friendly on this kind of small screen (even if things did line up. ) If MY PARTNER AND I redesign a word based site regarding mobile visitors, how do i make it hence folks on mobile devices are directed presently there, and everyone else would go to my graphically oriented site
(PS should you have any constructive responses on my web site, I welcome it so long as it’s respectful. )

POST found this from 2007, but the checklist has probably changed right now:
http: //www. russellbeattie. com/blog/mobile-browser-detection-in-php

Look at Flickr’s mobile web site (view their XHTML along with CSS stylesheet) to
notice how they’ve executed their site:
http: //m. flickr. com/#/home

Probably better to make use of the PHP get_browser() job:

http: //us. php. net/function. get-browser

It’ll grant you other important information besides the user-agent, also, such as if it is just a WAP browser producing the request, that may require an entirely different means of handling.

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