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Hi, I’m new in this article, but a longtime lurker for once i need help for my projects. No doubt there are some brilliant minds with here, and I’m open to any kind of advice or help I can get on a question I’ve. Here is what I’m endeavoring to accomplish, I’m setting up a website for somebody of mine who will be a musician. For the discography page with the site, we’d want to have a mosaic tile regarding album covers that she has sung on, (about 26 recording covers) that are going to be approx 125x125pixels each and every, roughly 5 rows, SOME columns. When your page loads, if at all possible, we’d like these to load almost akin to a domino outcome, one after other quickly. On mouseover, we’d want to have a conversation bubble type package appear on screen having a button to take note of the song about that album, and perhaps 2-3 wrinkles of text that talk about the song and also album. Is this possible to undertake in CSS Otherwise, what other options should i seek, thanks.: basic:

I think you ought to find a Flash programmer to get this done for you.
I realize it may cost you some profit, but the final result would be stunning.

When you quote the employment, mention that you will end up wanting to employ an external XML
track to load a person’s " playlist", CD sample, and caption (text). This Flash programmer
should know just what the XML file is focused on and create the Flash SWF file for the site.

As soon as done, you should be able to edit that XML file just like you wish, and your Flash program
will administer the data from that XML archive and display it as outlined by your specs.


You could do all of their using Javascripting, in conjunction with some PHP… but it won’t
work exactly the same on all surfers, and it’s visiting be hard for you to script… so anyone might
have to hire someone anyways.

That’s why should you go the Expensive route… I think you can be glad you managed.

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