Most Awesomest ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policies’

I’m making this thread for people to talk about their favorite Stipulations of Service in addition to Privacy Policies pages they’ve seen on internet sites. They don’t need to be from your individual websites, any website will perform. They should always be creative, funny, along with distinctive, or quite possibly just pathetic. Enjoy yourself.

My favorite to date is this:

" Put in your sleep, along with we’ll track that. " (http: //beta. yawnlog. com/home/tos)

Brief and sweet.

Their privacy policy is usually pretty human-friendly too (http: //beta. yawnlog. com/home/privacy_policy).

I merely wish more websites were that way.

Hmm… nearly all websites implement TOS along with PP for authorized reasons. If the companies behind the sites have something value protecting, they won’t come up with a joke out of those documents.

Perfect, but there are generally still many internet sites that don’t really worry about legal stuff and now have a sense connected with humor.

Some have put contests inside their ToS. First individual who calls this # gets $1K, and many others. Heard of a single program who got the decision a year after it ended up.

100 of Stipulations and majority seriously isn’t bothered to go through them.

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