Move an image to the side of text

Hi there, I’m having this issue with my current image to get a feed.

Perspective attachment 4265

I’m seeking to move the nourish image up also to the right side with the title.

This is my current reference code.

< div> < h2> Most recent News< /h2> < img src=" images/feed. jpg" class=" feed" /> < /div> 

What can i do to this class " feed" which will put that image save and along aspect Latest News.

Thanks a lot

I think we’ll need even more code from your page to discover how that div sits in relation to the other divs.

How is this-

< div class=" center_column" >
< div class=" box_right" >
< h3> Contact< /h3>
< p> You'll be able to contact us with < a href=" mailto: *hidden*" > *hidden*< /a>. We would love to communicate with for sure future players regarding Drackarre. < /p>
< /div>
< div> < h2> Most recent News< /h2> < img src=" images/feed. jpg" class=" feed" /> < /div>
< php whilst (have_posts()): the_post(); >
< h1> < php the_title(); > < /h1>
< php the_date('F j, Y', '< h4> A, '< /h4> '); >
< php the_content(); >
< php endwhile; >
< /div>
< /div> 

Recommendations style sheet

Perspective attachment 4266

That h2 tag should automatically put of which image below. You may close the h2 tag following your image.

In conversation with just stick it within a table with a couple cells

stand with 2 tissue hes using css to get layout not conference tables.
tables = harmful layout, css = good

a person’s stylesheet is NASTY, i cant possibly read it in addition to im not gna remain here and proceed through it (turns out this was a browser matter, was ok wen we downloaded)

Anyways I might say
< h2> Reports Feed< img src=" supply. jpg" > < /h2>
< h2 class=" left" > Reports Feed< /h2> < img src=" supply. jpg" />
. leftfloat: kept;
< h2 id=" newsFeed" > Reports Feed< /h2> < img src=" supply. jpg" class=" feed" />

#newsFeedfloat: kept; width: 50px;
. feedmargin-left: 50px;

A version of those 3 should work

#1 works
#2 smashes the layout
#3 smashes layout

and #4
< h2 class=" inL" > Most recent News< /h2> < img src=" supply. jpg" />

. inLdisplay: inline;

Works at the same time.

and so #1 or #4 select your poison.

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