Multi-site search programming?


Confused where to publish this but My organization is looking to produce a search tool where by, when you enter research online query, it is simultaneously sent into the search boxes of an set of other specific websites (as as an alternative to something like the Google custom search), after being modified to suit the search tools of each particular site, along with the results from each of the searched sites show up on one page.

How would one start with something like this is there a name with the things involved during this I’m pretty non-technical, but I can figure a ton out once I understand what to analysis.

Bless you!

Can’t be done until you have specific permission in the " other sites"
to reach their database(s). Those other sites which may have a search common box display
their results automatically sites, using their own database(s).

One might say you could utilize a < frame> or even < iframe> that will display other site’s
search results yourself website, but it won’t really be yourself site.

Currently, if you were searching other site’s RSS Feeds… that’s another type of type of point.
The results of which is placed on your internet site, but of course, RSS Feeds link-back
to their source.

I would say what you deserve to do can’t be done.

Bless you Msleim, That is sensible.

When you are just taking the actual search parameters journey surface of the website (i. e. the key content) and not from a database, then I’d recommend investigating a service known as FreeFind ( http: //www. freefind. com ). Their search engine function means that you can set different websites or even file folder levels to get broken out through the search. Hope this helps!

Can be done a dropdown menu and when a user lookup something, it will open the latest window with the outcome of selected Optimization.. (not excactly just what you ‘ve asked but will help a bit ).

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