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Greetings, I’m sharing a number of the ideas for the artist’s page.

The page is damaged in two vast columns. The initial column is exactly what I call that " multimedia column" because you do have a large picture of the artist, then a url below the photograph that takes you an external HTML-coded photograph gallery. Takes only one click, and a massive window pops ” up “, loading the primary picture.
The second element is really a link to music samples you could hear through Serious Audio. One click takes you a page containing the album cover plus the list of playable sounds from that album.
The third element is a link directly to a web-based music store, especially useful in the event the artist recently has a new album.

The next column is the particular " get to find out me" column, which has a biography paragraph, and a list of performance credits, as well as discography. For this discography list, We are thinking about " borrowing" the Audiogalaxy Rhapsody type, where you have a small icon of the album cover placed alongside that album’s title.

A couple of issues: External microsoft windows that pop-up when clicked. I are aware that might be taboo for your true corporation web site, but for artists or artists it’s OK right

One, you need to allow a visual (sample) to really be capable to comment on this layout.
A couple of, you answered your special question. Pop-ups are taboo. You likewise have to consider that the majority of users now include virus programs that are fitted with built in turn up blockers…… so why lose section of your audience
I think you can receive away without employing pop-ups……. but need to visit a sample of the site to check if that is even a precise observation on the part.
All the best …..

We are wondering if I must have a black track record with white text with the website.

A lot of people have a popup blocker installed for their system that would stop your web blog working if the idea relied on these items. It’s not your case of taboo or maybe not, rather people just got fed up of all the advertisements that usually came via popups therefore now everyone blocks them out and so if you design is dependent upon popups then it may not work.

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