My design is all messed

Hello i made the css valid so when i tryed to create my html good it messed the site up now its on the left of the screen and never center http: //www. carclublinks. com/ i highly recommend you help thanks.

Your HTML scripting has been saved without almost any carriage returns.
More or less impossible to troubleshoot. Open your blog with your
browser and view that HTML source.

: s is there no way of fixing this

I believe there is, but did you evaluate the HTML source

Not trying to become wise-guy here, but evaluate the attached impression.
How will anyone manage to pick-out the CSS tags plus troubleshoot
the problem

You might want to re-install your website (the original files) plus start over.
That is my advice.

what if i post any tidy version of my source here

Sure, should you be able… or help it become a. txt file and attach it to your post.

The HTML Nice and clean for linux compresses all the code into a single huge block. For those who have your original files which have no yet been put through the Tidy Attribute, try using these.

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