My domain name was stolen. I’m rebuilding website at

Hi there,
Yes in Mid-May, my domain name www. 1728. com was stolen and today resides in China and taiwan.
I’ve my website absolutely rebuilt at www. 1728. org.
The hits were in relation to 30, 000 every day and now in relation to 500 – 900 per day.
I’ve been trying to improve the links.
Every other recommendations, suggestions, etc
With thanks.

There was no recourse while using domain host to the theft
How did they grab it


This gives me a preview. GoDaddy doesn’t treat you for a valuable customer since you probably don’t own enough domains to help mean much to help them.

Whenever many GoDaddy buyers, however, came together to form a " union" associated with sorts to quash any bullying behaviors fair representation (with the leverage being the unified threat involving taking our internet business elsewhere), I bet issues this way would get resolved a lot quicker and more emphatically.

There’s probably an excellent opportunity out now there for someone to generate a web-based town that handles single customer representation for loads of service providers.

Whaddya imagine

PS – I guarantee in case you call GoDaddy’s assistance line and ***** during them enough, you’ll get escalated around someone who may help you. It may certainly not be the airport transfer dispute department, but it’ll possibly be someone high upward enough to changes lives.

Well, thanks for your replies. I failed to think I pointed out GoDaddy was the registrar but they sure were.

As long as the theft I replied to your " phish" E-Mail cleverly-designed to be able to resemble Go-Daddy’s log-in site (the return address within the E-Mail was GoDaddy. com) and certainly they got my password once i signed in to the pseudo-GoDaddy home site.

I’ve called up sometimes and I have made a significant racket about this and the best I at any time did was get yourself a supervisor on the product.
I’m keen on your idea in relation to forming a web-based group of disgruntled GoDaddy consumers.
While waiting, I have previously started by informing my story in this article: http: //www. 1728. org/theft. htm

In this case, you can’t seriously blame GoDaddy in that case. I hate to get the one dropping the hammer you, Wolf, because you’ve asked some smart stuff on here… but if you started the phishing bad deal and weren’t watching what you ended up clicking on along with why, then that isn’t on GoDaddy. They didn’t mail the phishing e-mail and probably knew nothing regarding it. If all people lost was a new domain name out of the deal, consider on your own lucky… I’ve seen significantly worse things in comparison with that happen to people therefore.

Quite simply, the only thing you can apply is start above from scratch, learn a really hard lesson, and proceed without really rental property on it. You’re not likely going to get the domain back, nor should you get a lot of the goodwill connected with it. Does the idea suck Yeah. But that’s how that it can be.

Well, I guess people haven’t closed that thread so thanks a lot.

As you can see I held the name for 12 years and so I am critically losing a well-regarded internet site that took 12 years to generate. I certainly recognize the value of the high regard you have for me

and so thanks.

O . k, I’ll take a lot of the blame but not necessarily all. The matter that me is how domain name registrars and ICANN maintain your flimsiness of domain name ownership a technique. Basically, what I’ve learned is that website ownership is centered 100% on who seem to owns it at the moment. That’s the fact isn’t it
Domain name ownership doesn’t employ a real world analogy does it For instance, let’s suppose POST leave my car running, with the keys from the ignition, door wide open (not simply unlocked) and I procede with going into a store just just the summer things, and come back out to find the car is compromised. In the real world, even though it was quite easy to steal your vehicle, the person whom stole my car has committed theft, I can call the police who’ll track the crook down and ultimately the thief is going to face the legislation in court or it could be even prison.
Women and men Internet doesn’t have any of these. I think I read that your person was recently found guilty of website theft. One person Amazing in another four years, if another individual gets convicted, we’ll have region " crime wave".

In any case, I haven’t given up. I still own many of the content of my website and possess rebuilt the whole thing at www. 1728. org. I think the next page I’ll help to increase my website is to warn everybody in regards to the flimsy, fragile connection there is with domain title ownership.

I might say that’s much more a case with ICANN than GoDaddy, however. Their domain argument resolution policies require a lawyer to battle them, and GoDaddy’s just about forced to go along for any ride since ICANN ultimately controls the. COMs,. Netting,. ORGs, etc. ICANN tries that can be played Switzerland but shows up across as Nigeria below.

Additional problem is that pretty much anyone could produce the claim, and even though proof is not hard to obtain (i. electronic. WHOIS records), someone would need to sort it away, and that usually takes time and funds. What would make a whole bunch more sense is in the event the loser had to pay the costs. Because of this, people would exclusively file if there was a legitimate beef. Of course, exactly the same could be explained for civil cases on the whole.

NO, Adam!!! You might be just plain DRASTICALLY WRONG here!!!

He has been not BLAMING GoDaddy, he’s asking them to get the job done, which includes wrongful site transfer dispute. They are not doing their work opportunities because he’s pointless to them, simply.

There’s a really famous case the domain theft regarding Sex. com. Seek out it. Stolen domains Is usually retrieved.

And what precisely will they/can they certainly, Steven They’re going to obtain a fight which has a Chinese company over the relatively generic domain name that has no obvious trademarks or anything that way associated with that. They’re probably going to get nowhere… let’s be honest, China isn’t just known for actively playing well with others because of this. The amount of your time, energy and money wasted just isn’t worthwhile for one space.

Again, this is when I blame ICANN, definitely not GoDaddy. There has to be a better process for offers like this, and it starts at the bottom. Have a examine the domain dispute resolution policy

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