My senior project website is almost complete, just need a few opinions

We’ve been working on my senior high school senior project for an extended time now, and My business is almost at the actual finishing state upon my website. My own website url is actually urbestcar. zxq. net The sole thing that is incomplete could be the family cars. The main thing I need is actually opinions for just what exactly I should add to the design of the actual website. It’s pretty basic at the moment, but I wish to jazz it up a bit for when MY PARTNER AND I give my powerpoint presentation in class. Any ideas can be great, Thanks.

It cycles the actual photos automatically even though the good news is prev and upcoming button.
Many people change too rapid… and voting usually means nothing, since you can not stop the photographs.

the images tend to be too big and decide to use long to insert. Also totally realize the post preceding.

Okey thanks with the advice. And to clarify, the pictures rotating are of the same car, simply different views. The subsequent car button brings you to the next motor vehicle.

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