Name That Menu Button

Really need to consolidate two nav menu buttons to save money on space.

I will be trying to think of a single, catchy word to work with for a drop-down menu button that could drop down links to some ‘Contact’ page including a ‘FAQs’ page.

Preferably a single word that most adult visitors inside the education profession is attracted to so as to find a contact form as well as a faqs page…

Have rejected ‘Information’ – there after I am obstructed!

The web is so visible at 7shares. org

Cheers in advance for virtually any suggestions!


Thanks to have a stab.

Great portmanteau — but I wonder that the ‘Share’ half indicates the Contact form

Basically, if one ended up looking about for the contact form, would one want to find that below ShareFAQs

In this instance, the Contact form is simply that – a straightforward ‘Contact Us’ type…

Thanks again,

I looked at the site and don’t see why the buttons can’t stay the best way they are.
That makes perfect feeling keeping them independent.

Maybe FAQS need to be changed to " About"

Thanks again – am about to add pages that will require navbar buttons, so need to own room to increase.


Hi – Thought about the same problem with a navbar that grew extended periods.
I solved it by looking into making the navbar directly into two rows, one above other.
I squeeze main links from the top row and the more subordinate links inside the lower row.
This keeps every one of the links on each page to ensure the visitor is for no reason lost withing your website.
I am trying to figure out how to decide to put a thumbnail in this post so you can see enjoy, but I reckon I’ll just squeeze URL and enable you to go see that online.

It’s just a nav bar… not only a junk drawer.

Except if, wait, by grow as well as did you necessarily mean grow more confusing to the user

You’ll have to explain in specific terms the method that you plan the site to develop to get any user centered information. So letting them run free being raised by wolves seriously isn’t a plan.

Nor is duct taping much more buttons onto your nav bar.

I will be certain nobody suggestions talking about a junk drawer.

I know that that is certainly advisable to plan for expansion of the site when coming up with it, but that’s not always likely, as sometimes your client comes back with additions at a later date. And it seems in my opinion that trying to hold all the nav for the page is an try and be less confusing to the user.

Duct tape – well, I never looked at that for my own code but I bow to your greater experience.

I’m sure I come that will these boards to be able to receive and make an effort to give helpful guidance. I think it is too bad whenever posters insult folks and don’t offer any useful assistance.

Most of the people here a brand new at this and are genuinely trying to find out. I don’t assume anyone would study much from that will last post, DC856, except that you simply find it less difficult to insult than that will.

Eh you’ll get used to it. That’s his, umm, demeanor. Deep down he’s not only a bad guy, just likes to work with a little daunting love. And should you read his discussions carefully, and I am talking about carefully, you’ll see that they’re most helpful.

At any rate Dusibello, the contact page should be a link most of by it self applied, never in your dropdown. Do what anyone gotta do when using the rest just don’t position the contact link buried from a dropdown.

Howbout " Questions"

These are the Frequently asked questions, after all.

As well as, if someone’s acquiring it touch they’ll always be asking a problem, right

Merely a thought….

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