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Hey Guys –

I’ve designed a new drop down nav system for the client, and he’s nevertheless it’s misbehaving with his browser; melting, not dropping lower right, etc.

We’ve tested it with IE7, 8, Firefox and Chrome and all look working fine. If you men could just investigate it and let me know how it worked for yourself it might assistance me narrow down the issue, or just allow me to know my client carries a problem on his / her end.

http: //www. nyczdesigns. com/templates/pinnacle/html/index. php


– Jack

MY PARTNER AND I use opencube intended for drop down selections. Usually works okay but one client using a different version of ie6 in my experience sent me a new screen dump associated with how it couldn’t quite work accordingly on his brower.
Even though it worked ok personally for ie SOME 7 8 firefox opera safari along with chrome, I appeared redoing the menus using a different Opencube option that i knew from experience worked on his broswer (I had don an internet site for him previously).
MY PARTNER AND I guess the buyer’s always right!

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