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Ok well We have my navigation sections and it’s in the div of course since I am using CSS but I would like to add additional to my direction-finding section. I know now I have to go through my pages to create changes since my navigation is regarding couse on each and every page and I didn’t wish to use frames. So my question is will there be anyway that I can have my navigation over a seperate page after which you can have it caused by every page i always need it. Almost like what you do for javascript stuff.

If that does make any sense just well then , i’ll know.

You will discover 2 options.. SSI or maybe PHP include.. If the server has PHP capacity, here is a tutorial available for you:
http: //www. joe2torials. com/php_includes. php
If you are using SSI.. I dunno just how..

see this specific thread – http: //www. webdesignforums. net/showthread. phpt=16965

Well I tried it also it works almost. What the results are is that plainly go click your link leadnig me into a new directory inside my site it keeps the first link thus which makes it a broken hyperlink.

Basically what I am saying is in which in index. php if POST click a link to visit html/secondPage. php then it works good. But if POST click a link to visit any other component to the site through secondPage. php it adds a good html/ to the trail creating a cracked link.

Will that make good sense


perhaps some code would help!

< php
include(" $_SERVER’DOCUMENT_ROOT’/includes/my_include. php" );

How much does that do exactly

You put your include in 1 folder and make use of this to call it whatever directory your labelling it from.. Alter ‘/includes/my_include. php’ to whichever directory your navigation is due to.. So if put it within your root directory just position the ‘/’ in presently there.. If its with another, specify..

So I fixed it. I tried the 2 main ways stated preceding but I still got a similar problem so what Used to do was make several versions of the navigation. So as soon as was navigating from my root index like in directory. php I can have one set of navigation. Then when i was navigation coming from a new directory that’s one level below my root Pondered a the php code link to navigation2. htm. I also did a similar my third degree of directies that is two below the root directory. I figured evolved three versions connected with my navigation was greater than 60 of these people.

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