Navigtation and borders (two seperate questions)

A SINGLE. How do I create a menu
I need all the " Reycling services" stuff in http: //renewcomputers. com/ for being in a palate that appears after they mouse over this Recycling Services planning.
I curently have a horizontal navbar. i acquired the code from your tutorial (and changed it a whole lot so its definitely not plagiarism and i learned it not just copied it)

You are considering a mouseover consequence. Yes, there’s a CSS method to do it far too, but the CSS way does not work properly timers into result and I’ve never been a big fan of that personally.

If you would like see how it really is done with keys to press, go to http: //www. kastlefireplace. com/ where Truly used it with the left side list. You can undertake it with hovering as well, but I would recommend it in case someone hovers covering the wrong menu item in error.

I’m trying to make it to ensure that it shows additional options instead of a description while, (which is what exactly did on this site looks like)

Thanks for bothering to help me, by the approach.

So basically you are considering some sort of an dropdown menu

It will on hover. Click each menu item with a description, though. You may see the submenu products.

AM: Now i’m not sure
TG: yes but I don’t want to have to click.

So you need to show all the services when the mouse moves in the heading, without building them clickable because links

All you’d want to do is change that " onclick" event to " onmouseover" within the code to create that happen. Head you, I wouldn’t recommend it with the particular menu. I’ve found that confuses people to complete it that means (done it in an interior creator site once and it also was a big pile of fail. )

Just how do i make an onlouseover

Go your louse above it

What happens if I don’t possess any LOL

Examine your spelling… LOL

I know. I said I do not own any louses.


My own website won’t want more " bugs" lol

Hence any anwsers for you to my quetion: just how do i make a mouseover menu

The Game gave you a very good example.
Here are a few more; here can be one done by using CSS, here can be one done by using javascript, and here’s an AJAX one particular.
If you Google " mouseover menu" you will get over 4 mil results – there is absolutely no lack of info around.

I’ve got a greater example I’m heading towards drop later this evening. But it’s a new dev site at the moment.

oh OKAY. well I can look forward to that. I’ll make an effort to do these various other edits meanwhile.

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