Need Fedback on my website

this website is < WEB SITE REMOVED> and this is certainly still a work in progress. can anyone good me feedback on learning to make it amazing.


very first. you could get the picks to heap faster in a couple of ways. im not one of the best to describe how but it usually is done. other then it looks good. oh and also you missed an at the in special: lick:

Definitely an exceptional design. Yet simple to understand and user friendly.
Anybody searching for that occur to my advice:
The words all look in images. For anyone who is hoping to look in Google, that’s not the best thing. If you especially desire to use that font, you could potentially look into SIFR.
On my tv screen the black background cuts off abruptly at the end, leaving white. I’d use css to utilize a black background to the < body>, and possibly add a bottom border for the ‘main’ div.
I would also take the bevel off the main textual content.
Desire that helps. Best of luck.

I would likely perhaps consider one thing more plain

Really nice design.

Loose time waiting for it…..

Loose time waiting for it…..

But search engines like yahoo cannot read shots, plus with the type and intensity of people images anyone with less than a 5Mbit connection will probably be waiting 10 moments per page only it to fill. Now, I’m sitting for a 12mbit connection and it also took a few seconds to load, that is certainly just not correct lol.

** basically just checked that images aren’t which big, but the web-host is extremely slow, sorry about this **

I’d think about however working with css and fonts to receive the same feel for your text to overlay with the images so in the event that nothing else of those with cellphones can still read coursesmart =), not to mention it will help make your content searchable via google, right today its nearly difficult except through meta records.

Please repost for the web review region:

http: //www. webdesignforums. net/website_ratings_and_reviews_86/.

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