Need help Div tag looks great in IE but not firefox?

Want help: I are redesigning this webpage moving it out of Tables to Div tags plus CSS. Everything looked good up until now. I do certainly not know why there’s a gap between your flower and word in Firefox but is not IE. I have leaped my code from the validator with absolutely nothing errors. Please assist.

Dwelling Page

I know that is the basic error

Thanks before time

OHH FYI I want it to mimic it does if you view it in IE.

Did you try reducing the very best: 366px to 345px maybe

As well as, what a clutter of code! You should certainly clean that ” up “!

Harmonic’s onto something with the " mess with code" comment. I understand this is your current first try, nonetheless it looks like somebody or something (i. e. a program) assisted you.

Your big issue is the fact that you’re trying for being pixel-perfect with points and use utter positioning where it does not work or suit. The absolute placement is what’s putting together off your full layout, not simply the flower.

Fundamentally, you should start out this page above from scratch, code a bit without the location, see it operate in IE/FF/Chrome/Safari/etc., then move on to the next section. Doing this, you won’t get so far into a situation you can’t bail yourself out and not having to start again.

Yes We have tried that in IE it fundamentally will move our text up to the image. So that are not a fix for my issue. Thanks on your suggestion.

Ok so your saying that I need to help restart. My question can be why is this the first time the issue is coming. I have tested my site at all times. Yes right now We are using Dreamweaver MX. Regarded as a upgrade to CS5 using that also assistance with my code. I admit I prefer using the program since it is easier that will me troubleshoot my own code for omitted semicolons etc.

again I want to say gives thanks. For any of your respective suggestion. I have developed couple website but they have got been using platforms. OOCH you does burst my bubble once you told me I need to restart. But rather love to know now as compared with later.

I wouldn’t use DW whatsoever to code nearly anything, and you’re basically seeing the key reason why. It makes stuff " easier" in the short run, but the code bloat that it creates also causes problems over time.

Always, always, use a new text editor that will code HTML along with CSS. You can receive one with syntax highlighting if you’d like, but never employ anything WYSIWYG.

Here’s a good free web publisher from Microsoft, of all people.

right here here. i following the motion. down with the DW! < grabs pitch fork

I utilize the code view inside Dreamweaver, which works in the same way fine for me as being a regular text editor. The advantage that I’ve found using Dreamweaver will be the ability to set up sites. It makes it easy to access neighborhood files and sync in place local and remote computer support files. The FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL on Dreamweaver is definitely considerably slower in comparison with other ones, however the consistency is great. I do consider the comments on the design view with Dreamweaver. Bleh.

Obtain filezilla

Or maybe CoreFTP!

or only switch to linux. almost all flavors are pre-packaged having server and remote access tools.

I want to say thanks to everyone I managed to fix my own problem. But i am going to redo my page and pick up my code.

Happy to hear the item! Good look with the new site

Attaboy! Just remember what I informed you… do a bit, check all browsers you can, move on on the next. Trust myself, you’re going to save much of unnecessary locks removal by undertaking that.

obtain basic layout carried out with little for you to no styling. only placed. then proceed to style.

Ok I believe i took everybody suggestion I am aware my HTML rule is looking a large amount better.

fresh page:
world wide web. designedmemories. com/template3

POST do have few question:
ONE PARTICULAR. is this aspect correct: <! DOCTYPE HTML PAGE PUBLIC " -//W3C//DTD HTML PAGE 4. 01 Transitional//EN" >
A COUPLE OF. the script they show is made for NAV 4 is that this even necassary ever again.

Also with a few of my images I had to use absolute rather than relative to find the image to exhibit. I do definitely not understand why. POST thought either has been interchangeable.

I’ll attach my css signal.

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