need help making a link menu

hi, internet marketing new here, and types of new to the full website design idea, i have designed a basic layout from the main menu i want for the website in photoshop:

Now come many of the questions, first i have previously have another background i have designed that i need that menu to sit along with, so in order for getting the menu with dreamweaver do i have to make the background of the image transparent in addition to place that in a table in dreamweaver Second question is always that i want to help combine a animated collapsible div about the menu, like these types of:

http: //www. dynamicdrive. com/dynamicindex17/animatedcollapse. htm

possibly there is anyway that I’ll have it that will when one website link is clicked that menu scrolls down simply a little way, then when a further link is clicked the menu scrolls affordable further and how do i cut my menu up to be able to used in some sort of animated collapsible div

sorry for all you questions, but like when i said i’m really new to this.

cheers in your time

Your picture seems as if a tabbed menu… where it amenable the content part
under each tab. It doesn’t look like the kind of menu where the idea has
a list of links under each one tab.

Discover the screenshot down below.

I might expect your tabbed menu to open each one of these like the picture.
The un-opened tabs remain inside back. I won’t be able to envision where the
drop-down thing would likely occur or how we would do that which has a tabbed menu.

For this you require not to understand java script in addition to HTML and php only then you definitely can able to do what you want

dont worry when i sorted the problem eventually.

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