Need help making my website a referral site

I want to make my personal website, so that if someone signs about my program by it, they obtain duplicate of my website for their use, with a new referral number, so that they can promote it, while someone signs way up through them, they obtain credit. And when someone signs upwards under them, they obtain duplicate of your website and referral range, and so on or anything else, on down this line. How must i do that

Thank you for your time period and help!


You don’t accomplish that… it would end up being a nightmare to control.

It really is basically a pyramid plan.
I see quite a number of people requesting this from freelancers:
http: //www. search engines. com/searchq=php mysql pyramid system script& btnG=Search

Maybe it’s possible it really is done
Find out if any ones found someone for you to write the script.

Without to register websites for each fresh site (for model, each new site is similar to http: //maindomain. com/website97), and If you’re doing this on your own Linux server (vs. discussed hosting), then making the sites will be pretty easy (see below). You will be able to keep track involving credits with quite a few basic PHP (or equivalent) plus SQL.

Very first, set up the model website you do copy from. Then, write a harrass or python script (or equivalent) to be able to:

1) copy online files from a new model site suitable new directory
2) alter the config track (using " sed" to change the list credentials, etc.
3) copy a template database into a new one to the new site (using mysqldump plus mysql commands)
4) create a new database end user (mysql CREATE USER and GRANT commands)
5) edit databases records to customize for any new site (mysql UP-DATE commands)

A script like this should take about each day or so to style, write, test as well as debug.

In case they aren’t running their unique server, then

What a little trickier so it depends on the permissions you’ve granted to you for the server. For example, you could continue to perform similar judgement using php, like creating a copy of the internet files and replication the database, but determined by the shared internet site setup, you may well not have permissions to generate a new collection, or to content the files right into a new web basic. In fact, most all propagated setups won’t allow this general health run PHP in CGI mode (rather in comparison with using mod_php) for security reasons – the CGI is configured to jog not as the Apache user, but because the website owner.

So in the pinch, I guess you can add new tables to your existing database (using table prefix names to keep the sites separate), and you should use subdirectories in the primary webroot to hold the various generated sites. However there can be a security issue because owners of the several subsite are most of running under identical server user akun, so they would have each other’s data and data. The web site itself would have to be configured like that owners on the subsites can’t contact subsites owned by simply others.

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